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Sometimes looking for words, sometimes they find me. Together, we reach new places. I’ve been a journalist and a language teacher and now I’ve encountered my match in content design.



👟 Some bio

As a child, I was given a skateboard and a dinosaur book for my birthday. So I sat on the skateboard and devoured the book. Right.

A few years later, the intrigue to comprehend the world’s functioning led me to journalism. Observing and explaining were my duties, until a stranger called crisis suggested taking a break. That was my first professional iteration.

The next thing was to dedicate myself to teaching. What was the lesson this time? Easy: it is forbidden to stop learning. I wanted to take it a step forward and faced a second iteration.

I looked at the journalist. Being hungry for the wonders of the present time, he wanted to take part in the digital transformation. Then I looked at the teacher, explorer of learning. And that's why designing with words is what I've been doing since then.

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🛤️ What am I looking for?

Well, you already know where I come from. Looking ahead, my aim is to keep on with my career at designing content for digital products.

In addition, I’ll be able to work with you both in English and Spanish.